Air Quality Weather Report

6x4k films and soundtracks

Air Quality Weather Report’ started out back in 2021 with a project entitled ‘Winnowing Phase’, This project  explored the link between lichens and air quality in Bootle with a group of participants. Responding to participants voicing their concerns about how air quality feels like an invisible threat, the work is a way of making the invisible, visible for people living in Bootle. Working with creative coder Varvara Shvetsova, the digitally rendered videos and soundtrack which change depending on air quality readings in Bootle and creating a live air quality channel.

The digital particle movements were developed in collaboration with Maria Malone. Maria translated words linked to the changing air qualities into movements, capturing these movements which were then translated into a digital particle which corresponds to the live particle data from an air quality monitor located in Bootle (L30).

Special thanks to Varvara Shvetsova and Hannah Rose for their support with creative coding. Andrea Ku for the Drone footage.

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