Collective Composting

3mins 43seconds, 4K,Single channel Film (2023)

The Society of Explores have collaborated with artists Lucie Kordacova and Gregory Herbert over a series of workshops to create new artworks that take inspiration from nature and provide visitors with a space for ‘Soft Fascination’ to reflect and daydream. This constructed environment will also frame a programme of concerts and intergenerational workshops, as well as showcase events from different community groups in Sheffield.

For the exhibition the explorers commissioned and co-produced a new film titled ‘Collective Composting’ by artist Gregory Herbert. ‘Collective Composting’ is inspired by a series of workshops with Society of Explorers in Sheffield’s green spaces, using various microscopes, lenses and cameras. After these initial investigations the explorers and the artist composted on each others ideas to develop the film collectively. 

The work follows a swirling trail inspired by a bee’s flight path which zooms through macro and micro scales. ‘Collective Composting’ explores the idea of ‘Soft Fascination’ - which occurs when your focus becomes softened and diffused, providing opportunity for reflection. 

The Society of Explorers are: Amelie, Cecilia, Diyana, Edie, Isabelle, Isobel, Jay, Kolbie, Liesl, Lila, Nate, Otto, Ruby, Sage, Sofiia, Tilly and Zak.

All Images, Installation view of Wishful Thinking, 2023. Site Gallery, Sheffield Photo: Shared Programme, 2023